Past Life Regression...
A transformative tool for self-understanding, soul healing and transformation from within. Past life regression assists us to understand more profoundly the Body-Mind-Spirit connection and how we are evolving souls, responsible for creating our own universe for spiritual growth.

Some of the Areas you can Explore in a Past Life Regression...
• The cause of unwanted fears, phobias, guilt, and anger.
• Understanding of present life ailments.
• Causes of addiction.
• Unexplained anxiety.
• Feelings of attraction to some people, feeling repelled to others.
• Explanation of grief and emotional wounds.
• Past life abilities… and bringing them forward to your current life.
• Present life purpose.
• Your choice of parents, siblings, and other significant relationships.
• Awakening your own psychic and intuitive skills.
• Life between lives…experiencing transitional states beyond death.
• Meetings with deceased loves ones, guides, and angels.

Examples of Beneficial Changes People Describe After a Past Life Regression...
• A more fulfilling life as you create more healing, love, and joy.
• A greater sense of control over your life and your future as you begin to realize that you create your own reality.
• Better health as you heal old wounds and traumas and feel more peace in your life.
• Ability to attract more wealth and financial security.
• More harmonious relationships as you understand and forgive others.
• The releasing of addictions and habits.
• More Faith in a higher power.