My past life regression experience with Diana was truly eye opening. Diana’s voice is very calming and she really makes you feel safe. I saw many visions of my past lives, visions that felt so real. It surprised me to see so many people from this life in them. I felt 100% certain of who I was seeing. I also was able to see and realize my abilities and gifts from these lives and I now intend on bringing them into this life. I never expected to see future lives or alternative current versions of myself in other dimensions. This was quite a shock and I now understand how this present life can effect past and future lives. I was also able to meet some of my guides and angels along the way. On one particular regression, Archangel Michael showed me the way into these alternate versions of myself. I also discovered the root of a knee issue I had been struggling with for years. I then was able to resolve and clear the emotional attachment to the experience and now the condition has completely healed. This is something medicine and surgery was not successful at. Overall, my experience with Diana was absolutely wonderful and I recommend her to anyone wishing to discover more of who they really are.
M. J. (M.J. is a therapist in Endicott, New York)

     Diana kenyon is a master at past life regression therapy. First she ensures that you are physically comfortable and then guides you through a series of visualizations to ensure that your mind and body are relaxing into the experience. You can’t help but feel safe, but also geared and ready to go on the adventure. At all times, her soothing voice and dulcet tones facilitate the journey on which she leads you. As you travel to other lives and report the things you see and feel, Diana is always ready with a gentle question or suggestion to ensure that you get the most out of the experience, that you leave no important stone unturned. She has an intuitive sense of where to lead you, the right questions to ask, the best suggestions to make, and when to back off and let you go wherever it is you might go.
     Many people wonder what past life regression is, whether it is “real”, whether they will be able to do it. With any good facilitator, as Diana, it does’nt matter because she has the experience and knowledge to make everything as easy for you as possible, and she assists you with establishing an intent if there is anything specific you want to address with your regression. For me, the several past life regressions I experienced with Diana resulted in a number of life-changing and life-affirming experiences. I examined issues that have recurred in my past lives and in my current one. I recognized patterns of behavior that did not serve me and managed to change those patterns to better myself and live a happier life. I discovered why I draw certain experiences, situations or people to me and what lessons I am supposed to learn from such things. The past life regression sessions I had with Diana resulted in the release of a lot of negative emotions and the surge of many joyous ones as well. The result is a sense of healing and self-empowerment.
     In addition, when I was’nt focusing on deep issues, the experience was pure fun, an exploration. I traveled to and experienced a number of lives with amazing life circumstances, and even had some afterlife experiences which were astounding in there own right. I can’t wait to have more regressions with Diana in the future; she is wonderful guide and teacher. I highly recommend to all seekers of knowledge that they go on a quest with Diana, that they avail themselves of her wisdom and guidance, and thus better themselves in the process.
Michael Wayne Everett (Mike is practicing Law in Santa Monica, C.A.)